Q: I am self employed and declare minimal income, will I qualify for a loan?2020-11-21T01:03:30+00:00

A. While income statement is an important parameter, we will look at other parameters of a deal such as your past 3 months business bank statements, or focus solely on the value of your property. You may still qualify for a loan depending on other factors that we use to calculate approvals.

Q: I have been rejected by my bank. Will you accept me?2020-11-21T01:09:14+00:00

A: Many of our clients have been declined by banks, and there are still many options that may be available. Our loans are based on your income or your past 3 months of business bank statements and if you own your home or property. We recommend you apply online with us and provide as many details as possible for us to swiftly provide you with the details and complete a private loan application.

Q: How quickly can you arrange a loan for me?2020-11-21T01:12:27+00:00

A. Depending on the complexity of the deal and your responsiveness in supplying documents and information we can turn around a deal in as fast as 24 hours. If it is a complex scenario it may take a matter of a couple days.  Once your deal is approved,  funds will be deposited into your account within 48 hours.

Q: My credit score is really low; can I still get a loan?2020-11-21T01:18:28+00:00

A: Bad Credit isn’t a problem – many of our customers have less than perfect credit, but REALCOR cannot accept applicants with open bankruptcies

Q: My bank says, I have maxed out what I am allowed to borrow, since I own several properties, what can we do to finance another loan?2020-11-21T01:43:37+00:00

A: Depending on the LTV (of your properties) we may be able to assist in providing capital. Please reach out to us with all details and we will be very happy to assist.

Q: What’s the best interest rate I can get on a loan?2020-11-21T03:36:40+00:00

Depending on your application, your employment income and if you own a home we will provide specialized tailored rates for you.

Q: How do you determine how much financing I am eligible to receive?2020-11-21T01:47:28+00:00

We require a minimum of 3 months of data in order to determine how much financing you are eligible to receive for business loans. For unsecured personal loans we will need your employment history, and need to see your bank statements to confirm direct deposits. If you are applying for secured loans, we will base it on the LTV, and value of your property.

Q: How do I apply?2020-11-21T02:29:11+00:00

You can apply online and share some basic information about you, your business, and your financing needs. You can also contact us at 416-123-4567 or email us at to apply over the phone or by email.

Q: How long is the application process?2020-11-21T01:48:59+00:00

It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete your online application. Once we’ve received your application we will send you an email confirmation with instructions or someone will contact you within 24 hours.

Q: What documents will I need to provide?2020-11-21T02:31:05+00:00

Our goal is to make the application process easy on the customer. We try to ask for as little documentation as possible. For all applications we require:

  1. Signed and dated contract pages
  2. Government Issued photo ID
  3. Void Cheque

Additional documentation may be required depending on how much financing you are receiving.

Q: How do I repay the financing I have received?2020-11-21T01:50:25+00:00

During the application process, you will be requested to provide your bank account information (void cheque). Payments are automatically deducted from this account.

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