Realcor’s Area of Expertise

Our comprehensive ability and background in issuing personal and business loans is unmatched. We are people first, we empower our clients to achieve more by allowing them access to capital they need to unlock their next ventures and projects.

Business Loans

Our business loans are a one-time lump sum payment that will be paid back in either daily or weekly payments over a set time-period (usually upto 24 months).

Personal Loans

Private loans are perfect for anyone looking to consolidate debt, and you do not need perfect credit to get approved.

Auto-Finance Loans

Help financing pre-owned vehicles. Obtain lower monthly payments by taking upto 60 months to pay off your loan.

Manufacturing & Heavy Equipment Loans

Help financing pre-owned manufacturing & heavy equipment. Obtain lower monthly payments by taking upto 60 months to pay off your loan.

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The Benefits of Working with Realcor

–   As a private lender, Realcor’s application process is simple, easy to understand and quick to complete, as well as fund.
–   We offer flexible payment options as well as loan terms that will work best for you and your unique financial position.
–   We understand everyone’s financial position is different, that is why we tailor loans based on the applicant.
–   Since we are not a big bank, we offer tailored customer service for all our clients and are available over the phone, email or text.



Going from clueless with the loan application process to now investing in my business and the future. It feels rewarding to be able to do what I love, and have a comfortable means to invest in the future. This is what I instantly felt during the application process after dealing with RealCor Consultants. They educated, informed me to make the best decision for my business.

How Do I Qualify?

Simple application process, meant to streamline the loan application process.

It depends on the application type. Please visit the dedicated pages for each loan, and you can see all loan requirements as well as quickly apply one.

Upon approval, you will provide us with your bank details and we will wire the funds directly into your account. Both simple and fast.

We are not like traditional banks, thus credit score is important but we also have different loan criteria. We take into consideration numerous factors, and even with satisfactory credit you may still qualify for a loan with RealCor. However, we cannot accept applicants with open bankruptcies.

Must be a Canadian Business. unfortunately, RealCor does not fund Quebec-based applicants or businesses.

We have many benefits, such as having a simple loan application process, competitive rates, and being able to custom tailor loan applications based on the applicant.


Easy to use, and fill in application process that you can process online, or we can send you an actual form to fill. We can walk you through the whole process if you ever require.


Within 24-48 hours after receipt of the application and documents, we will contact you with the funding details. If we have any questions or need any additional details we will also confirm that with you.


Within 48-72 hours after agreement is signed, the money is deposited into your account. Simple, and easy. That’s the Realcor philosophy, this is what makes us different from all the other guys.

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